Who Really Uses Maternity Insurance?

When the word “insurance” comes up, most people instinctively think about life insurance or hospitalisation insurance. But when the conversation shifts to pregnancy, you may find that most people, especially anxious mothers-to-be, to be the least bit familiar with maternity […]


What To Do During MERS Outbreak?

In 2003, at least 774 people had died from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) worldwide. It was an epidemic that still make you and me shudder, especially retailers. Since Sars first came into attention, the mysterious illness has taken businesses […]


Does Your Phone Need Insurance?

Admit it. Your spouse or your loved ones are not your world anymore. Your phone is. Since the introduction of smartphone, we have been more workaholic and more social than ever imagined. No one would have thought that the notion […]


Can an athlete survive in Singapore?

When I was in school, nearly every guy wants to be a soccer player or an NBA player, inspired by the marvelous goals and glory of sports. Apart from monetary gain, being in the spotlight changes one’s perspective on pursuing […]


Top 12 Things Start-Ups Should Know

This is a true story from personal experience. You may be in other industries that may not relate to this however I believe the values I learned while i had a stint at it helps future budding entrepreneurs. When I […]


Why Dollar Cost Averaging Will Work For You

Dollar Cost Averaging is an investment strategy that reduces your risk by spreading your monies into per month contributions. By dividing the investment into parts, you are reducing your risk of occurring substantial loss if you invest in a lump […]


How To Save Money Practically In Singapore?

Everyone of us knows that the living expenses in Singapore is comparable to Paris and Seoul. Deep down inside every one of us, we did think of going out of the country and be free of what’s burdening us now. […]


5 Types Of People You Would Love Around You

Happy Sunday ladies and gentleman! The day where you rest and spend the day with your family. The day of joy and relaxation, but it is also a day where you do some cleaning up about your daily life. During […]


10 Things You Need To Know Before You Hit 30s

Legend has it that the more money you make, the better you are able to position your life. Although some say it’s not money that matters the most but how you view life and the goals you set that matters. […]

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8 ways to shop safely online

While you’re happily shopping for your cheapest bargains online, don’t forget to take note if you’re susceptible of identity theft and fraud, or having your crucial information stolen from the web. Here’s a summed up list of tips to ensure […]

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10 Things we are mindlessly spending our money on

Many of us buy things we don’t really need, whether it’s an additional pair of designer shoe or an extra piece of hardware or gadget. Here are 10 things we shouldn’t really be spending our money on and the alternatives […]