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The Savvy Shopper’s Guide to Black Friday SG 2017

Are you ready for your next shopping spree after Single’s day? Black Friday starts this Friday, 24 November, and you can expect lots of discounts provided by retailers big and small, both online and in their physical stores. If you […]


High Blood Pressure And Its Impact On Insurance Coverage

Earlier this week, news broke that the American Heart Association (AHA) has redefined high blood pressure at 120/80mmHg and not the previous limit of 140/90mmHg. It says that the more stringent diagnosis is due to the fact that complications can […]

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How to Minimise your chance of an Insurance Claims Rejection

You might have read about many cases of insurance claims rejection in the papers. When you are looking to purchase an insurance, you’d find that more often than not, the paperwork and documentation process is easy as ABC. But when […]


What Insurance options are there if I have a pre-existing condition?

For those who are in their twenties, getting a health insurance or life insurance might be a low priority compared to paying off their study loan or saving up to buy a property here. By the time you’ve reached your […]


How to book a Cheaper Year-end Holiday

We are approaching the year-end and the school holidays are coming up in a month’s time. Have you booked your year-end holidays yet? If you haven’t better start searching and booking now to prevent the price increase! What’s more, most […]

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Is It A Good Time Now To Take Up A Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan?

It seems that the housing market in Singapore is finally seeing some light, after recent data showed that the private property index increased 0.5% in Q3, its first uptick after 15 periods of decline. This implies that the worst might […]


Health Insurance For Foreigners In Singapore – Are They All Freaking Expensive?

It is no longer uncommon for Singaporeans to work alongside foreigners in Singapore. After all, more than half the population here are in fact, foreigners. As with their Singaporean co-workers, many foreigners are dumbfounded when it comes to getting insurance […]

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Preparing for Retirement – Is CPF Life Adequate?

Singaporeans are living longer and as we age, we need to spend some time thinking about how we can finance our daily living expenses as we eventually stop work. Many of us may have the perception that we can rely […]


It’s Mooncake Season – Mooncake Discounts With Your Favourite Credit Cards

Image Credits: Fullerton Hotel Singaporeans love the mid-autumn festival, mainly because we get to feast on this once-a-year delicacy call mooncakes. But these delicate pastries have been becoming more and more expensive each year, thanks to the clever use of […]


Diabetes – Singapore’s Silent Killer

As we celebrate the nation’s 52 birthday this month, PM Lee highlighted 3 important and urgent issues Singapore has to grapple with, one of which is the nation’s fight against diabetes. While we all know that Singapore has a rapidly […]


How To Save Money Living In The Most Expensive City In The World

You must have already heard that Singapore’s the most expensive city to live in the world. We’ve topped the charts for many things, and I’m not sure we’re proud that we’re first on the list for the world’s priciest city […]


5 Factors To Consider Before Taking Up A Sale Of Balance Flat

So the internet has been abuzz with news of the August BTO exercise, where 5,200 new homes were launched, and featuring the first Re-offer of Balance Flats (ROF)exercise as well. For the ROF, 1,394 unsold flats from the November 2016 […]


4 Important Rental Tips For Those Who Are New To Singapore

Expat packages have fallen in recent years, leaving many of them struggling to find a rental home that is well within their means. While Singapore’s cost of living are generally low, the two costly essential exceptions come from housing and […]


Uber Passenger Killed… And What Insurance Has To Do With It

On July 9 2017, a 31-year old man was killed after the Uber car he was in skidded and crashed into a tree. The driver was a 22-year old male who ended up unhurt. With the increase in private-hire vehicles […]

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Understanding The SRS And Maximising Its Benefits

We might all be pretty familiar with using our CPF money for property financing and investment but the Supplementary Retirement Scheme(SRS) might be less heard of. Essentially, it is a savings scheme introduced to complement your CPF savings for retirement. […]


Saving For Your Child’s Tertiary Education Fund

Many Singaporeans know that bringing up a child in Singapore is an expensive endeavour. This is especially true when we think about the education needs of the child as he or she grows. From childcare to university, parents always want […]


Is An Executive Condo A Worthwhile Purchase?

Those looking to buy a new home from the government are faced with 3 choices – BTO, resale HDB or an Executive Condominium. In the last few years, we’ve seen HDB resale prices skyrocketed to hit the million-dollar mark, which […]

Hand and investment sign with dark background.

Are You Making The Most Of The CPF Investment Scheme?

Many Singaporeans use their CPF primarily to finance the buying of a property, since most believe that owning a home is still one of the best assets to have. For those that may not qualify for eligibility to buy a […]


Understanding the Bonus & Benefits of Life Insurance

Recently, a Facebook post of a daughter of a deceased 92-year-old woman went viral due to her difficulties in claiming the insurance benefits from AIA. In her post, she shared that her mother had bought 3 policies from AIA and […]

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How Much Should I Spend On Insurance Per Month?

Most Singaporeans are aware that simply relying on their Medishield life plan to fully cover their insurance needs is not enough. This is why many people take on private insurance policies as well. If you are thinking of getting some […]


5 Types Of Startups That Make Our Lives More Convenient

Since the startup revolution, we’ve seen quite a number of new services “disrupt” the traditional way we do things, and some of these services have actually helped many of us save time and money, making life more convenient on a […]


What To Do When Your Property Remains Untenanted

The state of the property market in Singapore remains a heated issue of debate, and has been brought up recently during the Singapore budget. Many developers bemoan the government’s adamant stance on not lifting the property cooling measures, even if […]

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4 Costly Insurance Misconceptions You Should Avoid

Many of us may agree that insurance is a necessity in our lives to protect us against unfortunate incidents in our lives – sickness, accidents and death. But because it is not a product or concept that we learn in […]


5 Ways Couples Can Manage Their Finances Successfully Together

Don’t we all hate to discuss money with our loved ones? Yet, money is such a prevalent part of life, and any couple, especially married ones, will need to face money issues together in order to life peacefully and happily […]


10 Valentine’s Day Ideas For The Clueless Boyfriend

Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and now, Valentine’s day. With the flurry of celebrations and activities within the short time frame of 1.5 months, couples are probably struggling and scrambling for ideas on what to do for the upcoming […]


Considering Whether To Take Up A Renovation Loan? Read This First

Many home-buyers go to great lengths to ensure that they fulfil all the requirements of the debt servicing ratio before making a purchase. Yet, many forget that other than paying for the downpayment and getting a home loan, there is […]


In This Age Of DIY Insurance, Is The Insurance Agent Still Relevant?

There has been a lot of shift in the personal finance industry in the last 2 years, specifically towards automation and robo-advisory. On the provider’s site, using technology can help cut costs on human resources as customers go online for […]


Why 2017 Is A Good Year To Buy A New Home

Are you one of those who has been thinking about buying a new home but is trying to catch the bottom? Well, we all know that catching the lowest price is always difficult, but you can probably make do with […]


How To Deal With A Mooching(Freeloader) Friend

Tis’ the season for family and friends to gather, making merry with Christmas dinners, New Year gatherings and social meals. While all of us revel in the festive season and are in a mood for generosity, we can’t help but […]


A Freelancer’s Personal Finance Guide

Sleeping in on a Monday, having 2-hour lunches or working from the poolside in a resort in Bali… such is the imagined life of the freelancer. While freelancing definitely gives you much more freedom, are you prepared for it? As […]


3 Things To Consider Before Signing Up for a Spa Package

Many of us may have made use of Groupon’s services to get a good deal out of our first time trial at a service provider. Following the trial, you may face the common process of being seated down with a […]

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Single, 35 And Looking To Buy A Property?

Singaporeans are getting married later and later, and even fewer are getting married these days. The phenomenon not only has a huge impact on the society, but there are also certain problems on an individual level. For one, getting a […]

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6 Key Moments In Life Where You Need To Review Your Finances

Maybe you are living from paycheck to paycheck, or perhaps you are one of those who has started out saving half of your salary every month since you’ve started working. But our financial situation and priorities change as we grow […]


The Budget Boyfriend’s Guide To Buying An Engagement Ring

So you’ve decided to ask her THAT question and now is the time to scratch your head and frantically research about a very expensive stone that you’ve never had any interest in your life before. Yes, we are talking about […]


5 Ways to Make The Most Of Your Insurance Policies

Most of us in Singapore know the importance of getting personal insurance in order to give us additional coverage on top of what we have from our CPF. Many of us also end up taking up insurance policies and not remembering […]


Here’s What You’re Missing In Your Family’s Insurance Needs

Did you always think that it is your own responsibility to take care of your own insurance needs? While our Medishield Life may provide some help, it is highly unlikely that we will have enough money to cover our medical […]


10 Places To Feast In Singapore Without Paying Service Charge

Singaporeans are well-known foodies, and while food is generally cheap in Singapore, going cafe-hopping on the weekends, having a slow brunch or bringing the entire family out for dinner can quickly rack up the bills. Here, we list 15 places […]

Modern complex of luxury white townhouses designed around a courtyard or forecourt with a low angle view of the facades against a clear blue sky

Property Investing For Different Profile Types

Many people have the idea that property investing is only for those with deep pockets. To a certain extent, it is true if you compare it to other forms of investments which require less up-front capital. However, there are a number […]


Insurance Needs for Women – Essential or Additional?

We are seeing more and more insurance products available in the market that are targeted towards women – do women really have specific insurance needs or are they a marketing gimmick? Let’s take a look at some of these products […]


How You Can Get Terrorism Coverage In Your Insurance Plans

In the last 1 to 2 years, there has been an increase in the number of terrorism-related incidents happening world-wide. What’s scary is that terrorism can hit anytime, anywhere; not just when you are travelling, but it can also happen […]


Can I Solely Rely On My Company’s Insurance Coverage?

It is not mandatory for employers in Singapore to buy medical insurance for their employees except if they are work permit and S pass holders. For those lucky enough to enjoy this extra benefit from their employers, they may feel […]


Zika And Insurance – What You Need To Know

So the Zika virus has officially landed in Singapore and is creating some panic around. As commonly seen with other kinds of “outbreak”, Singaporeans have been quick to snap up mosquito repellent, insecticides and other what-not to protect themselves. Living […]


Not Playing Pokemon Go Yet? Here’re The Top Reasons Why You Should Be

After being launched officially in Singapore in early August, the Pokemon Go craze has clearly gripped Singapore. From companies and restaurants throwing “lures” to get customers to patronise them or seeing throngs of people walking down the Marina Bay front, […]

Chinese mid autumn festival foods. Traditional mooncakes on table setting.  The Chinese words on the mooncakes means assorted fruits nuts, not a logo or trademark.

Your Ultimate Mooncake Buying Guide for 2016

With Mid-Autumn Festival around the corner, many of us will be looking forward to indulging in the mooncakes and other delicacies we associate with the occasion. Ranging from the traditional single yolk lotus paste mooncakes to alcoholic and truffle mooncakes, […]

Receipts in paper nail with businessman working on background

8 Apps That Help You Digitalise Your Expenses

Managing your personal finances doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. Forget the traditional way of tracking your finances with its accompanying documents, receipts and headaches. With the help of technology, you might not even need to do manual data-entry […]

Illustration of home loan concept with icons

5 Reasons Your Home Loan Rates Are Not The Best

With property prices on a seemingly downtrend and a steady supply of both private and executive condominiums in the market, is it time for the savvy investor to enter the market? Since most investors would take some form of home […]


20, 25 Or 30 Years… Should I Choose A Shorter Or Longer Home Loan Tenor?

At first glance, the answer seems pretty obvious to most people. Short loan tenor means less interest to pay over the loan tenor, so it must be better right? Well, we wish everything were as straight-forward. After all, there’s a […]

3d image of money fly in the sky

Am I Wasting My Money By Buying Insurance? – A Matter Of Perspective

When you buy things at a sale, are you wasting money or saving money? This is an apt example of putting your insurance expenses into perspective. While some may argue that buying what’s necessary at a sale is saving money, […]


“My Home loan was turned down…” – Why & How to Prevent it from happening

So you’ve found your dream home and is now awaiting the approval of the home loan when you get a rude shock from the bank to know that the loan application was rejected. How did this happen? You try to […]

Isolated studio shot of a dark haired caucasian woman comparing apples to oranges.

Direct Purchase Insurance VS Insurance Agent

Since April 2015, the Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS) has launched their Direct Purchase Insurance(DPI) initiative called CompareFIRST, allowing consumers to compare and buy basic life insurance products on a portal instead of going through and insurance agent. While it is […]

business hand clicking Brexit or British exit button on search toolbar with vintage style effect

A Dummies Guide To How Brexit Will Affect Singaporeans

And so the “Brexit” is now done and everyone is left with their own guesses about what’s going to happen to UK and the repercussions of such a historical referendum. Here in Singapore, we may not feel such a huge […]

Modern office worker writing sms

Entrepreneurship – Is it for you?

Thinking of becoming your own boss? More and more Singaporeans are embracing the idea of work-life balance and seeing freelance work or entrepreneurship as a way to achieve a better quality of life. With more and more startups sprouting up […]


5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Insurance Agent Before Signing Anything

Most Singaporeans agree that getting insurance is much needed as our CPF only provide us with a very basic amount of coverage. Yet, we often view the insurance industry and agents with a kind of apprehension, partly because of the […]

Financial planning concept. Hands holding hourglass and coins.

NOW Is The Time To Start Financial Planning

Many people talk about achieving financial freedom as their ultimate goal, but neglect the fact that perhaps, the first step it to have a sound financial plan. The best time to start financial planning is when you are earning your […]

Illustration concepts Debt

What To Do When Your Mortgage Loan Becomes Unaffordable

It’s official, Singapore’s home prices are considered “seriously unaffordable”. According to the 12th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey, Singapore has a “seriously unaffordable” rating of 5.0. Yet, the percentage of home-ownership in Singapore remains extremely high at more than […]

Bidding on a home, gavel and house concept for home ownership, buying, selling or foreclosure

Hunting For Mortgagee Sales Bargain? You Might Want To Read This First

Mortgagee sales have been on the rise recently, with property consultancy Colliers saying that it has reached an 8-year high in Q12016. This is a 25% year-on-year increase compared to the same quarter in 2015, and at a recent auction […]

Magnifying glass over document, highlighting the words "read the fine print".  Cyan toned image.

The DBS May Day 1% Home Loan Offer – Should You Sign Up?

I recently logged into my ibanking account on DBS and saw that DBS is running a May Day Home Loan offer – 1% fixed rate for the first year. I did a double-take; while I’m not looking at taking a […]

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Critical Illness Vs Early-Stage Critical Illness Insurance- Do You Need Both?

Do you know that the incidence of cancer in Singapore has risen sharply in recent years? Every day, about 36 people are told that they have cancer. But the good news is that the survival rate has been increasing as […]

Senior woman and daughter. Happy Asian family senior mother and adult offspring having fun time at home.

Does The Elderly In Singapore Need Insurance?

As most of us grow older, we start to realise the importance of insurance as we face more health issues in our lives. Or perhaps, you have started on your own family and are considering the retirement and health care […]

insurance or risk concept with calculator showing financial security

Determine Your Life Insurance Coverage With Our New Life Insurance Calculator

Many of us here in Singapore understand that healthcare can be expensive here, and our Medishield Life may not be entirely adequate in giving us a comprehensive insurance coverage. In fact. The Medishield Life is a basic insurance, and on […]

Medical doctor with a calculator in his right hand showing calculated costs and revenues in physician practice and hospital fees

Here Is Why You Need A Critical Illness Insurance

Our worst nightmare when it comes to insurance claims might be the day where we are diagnosed with a critical illness(that requires a huge financial outlay) and to realise that we are not able to proceed with any claims because […]

Half-length portrait of happy woman handing money, isolated on white. Concept of wealth and income

The Best Cashback Credit Cards in Singapore

A Facebook survey done last year found that about 70% of the respondents indicated that cash rebates were an important benefit they look for in a credit card, followed by dining discounts and shopping privileges. The survey included respondents between […]

Asian woman holding a credit card, focus on the card. Card number and expiry date created by my own.

3 Rules For Choosing Your Perfect Credit Card

If you find yourself tempted to sign up for a new credit card each time you walk past a roadshow , you need a strategy. The credit card scene is crowded in Singapore and there are literally dozens of cards […]


Standard B1 Class Integrated Shield Plan – Should you consider it?

As if insurance is not confusing enough, we’ve got a new “Standard B1 Class Integrated Shield Plan” coming right up in May. What is that again? For normal people who do not really care about Medishield or health insurance until […]

Disabled sign isolated on white background

Think Your Life Insurance Cover Disability Claims? You Might Be Surprised

There are mainly two reasons for us to buy life insurance for protection – to ensure our dependents will have some income upon the unfortunate death of the policy holder, as well as to provide income should we become unable […]

Safety and life insurance concept - six hands assembling a colourful umbrella sheltering many people icons drawn on white papers.

Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Life Insurance in Singapore

When it comes to the topic of insurance in Singapore, we tend to get a couple of stock response. Some feel that insurance providers and agents are “people out to cheat consumers’ money”, others find it too complicated a topic […]


10 Mortgage Jargon Everyone Should Know Before Taking A Home Loan

Singapore is ranked number 4 as one of the world’s highest cost of living and not surprisingly, among the top 10 most expensive cities to buy a property. Yet, it seems almost a given that most Singaporeans are home-owners, or […]

The word SIN written in vintage wooden letterpress type in a wooden type drawer.

7 Deadly Sins of Health Insurance

So we all know that taking up health insurance is essential in Singapore, given the high medical costs involved. So you thought you’ve got yourself covered when you signed up for one. If that’s the case, why are there stories […]


Unique Valentine’s Day Idea For Every Budget

Chinese New Year is still ongoing but Valentine’s day is already coming up this weekend! Since most people would have still been busy with the Chinese New year visiting and feasting, we’ve decided to help you with your Valentine’s day […]

Lock in your mortgage rate text on blackboard with 3d house front of blackboard on white background

Looking To Refinance Your Home Loans In 2016? Take Note Of These 3 Possible Barriers.

It’s no longer fresh news to mortgage borrowers that rising interest rates have kicked in. In the past month, the benchmark 3-month SIBOR rate that’s used to price home loans here have risen 0.05% to around 1.254%. And it’s only […]

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4 Important Factors To Consider Before You Take On Your Next Job

2016 looks set to be a tough year ahead, not just for China but for Singapore as well. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has warned that our economy might go through a period of uncertainty as outlook for our […]


22 Hot Credit Card Promos For CNY Feasting in 2016

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and we all know it’s the time for feasting and buying Chinese New Year goodies. If you are thinking of taking a break from cooking up a huge feast for your family […]

Two red dices rolling over a green felt. Out of focus stack of colorful chips on the background.

Are Fixed Deposit Home Loans Your Best Bet Now?

Declining property prices might be good news for those looking to buy a new home, yet rising interest rates are causing anxiety for those looking to take up mortgage loans. In fact, the benchmark three-month Singapore interbank offered rate(SIBOR), which […]

chinese new year decorations , with gold bullion

8 Money Saving Hacks for Chinese New Year

Many of us tend to spend a lot of money during Chinese New year – after all, it’s one of the biggest celebrations of the year for Chinese in Singapore and a great time to be generous with our most […]

Small house inside the shopping cart. Clipping path included.

A Comparison between BTO & Resale HDB Flat

Are you looking to buy a new flat this year? With property prices gradually coming down, it does look like it might be a good time for house-hunters to look for bargains in the coming 2 years. Just a few […]


3 Smart Ways To Use Your Bonus Instead Of Squandering It Away

We are nearing the end of the year and also close to what most employees are looking forward to each year – annual bonus! Business sentiments hasn’t been the best this year, and many of us may expect a smaller […]

Concept of life insurance

15 Insurance Terms Everyone Should Know

Do you sometimes find it hard to understand the various terms and jargons in your insurance policies? Here at Moneyline, we’ve made it easy for you to understand some of these commonly used terms in insurance policies with this handy […]


Best Credit Cards for the Christmas Season

The festive season is here again and it’s the time of the year where some of us tend to splurge on gifts and feast! Christmas marks the time for gifting, and with shopping online so prevalent these days, you don’t […]

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Insurance Needs For Different Life Stages

It’s a difficult task to determine which type of insurance is the “right” type for us. There seems to be a never-ending amount of insurance needs that one can have and most people might be afraid to miss out on […]


Credit Cards with Free Travel Insurance Coverage

We are moving towards the end of the year, which means it’s the festive holiday season! If you are thinking of travelling overseas, you might be considering taking up a travel insurance. Besides taking up travel insurance separately, do you […]


Is A HDB Or A Condominium Better For Capital Gains?

Even if you can afford to buy a condominium as your first home, there is a number of considerable benefits to buying a HDB flat first. So condominium or HDB? This is a question that people have been asking over […]


What’s The Consequences Of Pulling Out Of Your BTO Application?

Whether you are applying for your BTO flat for the first time or a second-time buyer looking to get a new flat, pulling out of your BTO applications can incur monetary losses as well as your future chances of getting […]


Waiting To Buy A BTO Flat? Expect High Demand In The November Launch

Waiting patiently for the November launch of Build-To-Order(BTO) flats? The November BTO exercise is announced to be launched sometime in the next two weeks, and applicants will be happy to know that there will be a mega launch of 12,000 […]

Hand and investment sign with dark background.

4 Questions To Help You Kick-start Your Investment Journey

Investing seems to be the buzz word these days, as savings no longer help us to preserve wealth with inflation eating into our savings over time. While Singapore has gained its reputation as the regional financial hub, it seems many […]


Know Your Objectives Before Buying Insurance

You will notice that as you progress along the life stages, you become more and more aware of your insurance needs. Gone are the days where you only think about paying your bills and getting through the month with your […]


With The New Medishield Life, Do I Still Need An Integrated Shield Policy?

The new Medishield Life Plan officially replaced the Medishield to provide basic health insurance coverage for Singaporeans and PRs on November 1, 2015. The new plan promised a wider insurance coverage such as higher claim limits and lifetime coverage so […]

Condominiums Building Construction with Multiple Cranes in Asian City

Understanding Mortgage Payments – Progressive Payment Scheme

When looking at buying a new home, many buyers do their homework diligently – location search, ensuring they choose the best mortgage loans and making sure they meet all the eligibility criteria. But when it comes to payments, many may […]


Think Budget Airline Is The Best Way To Fly? Beware Of Sneaky Fees!

We are closing in on November, which means the school holidays are coming soon. Many parents plan to take their children overseas during the year end holiday. If you are a family of four, buying just the air tickets can […]

Couple with a kid in front of a house in modern residential area

3 Mortgage Products That Guard Against Rising Interest Rates

Those who are looking at the current property market situation in Singapore in the hope of buying new homes might be very happy to know that prices are coming down. Increased supply of new homes, gradually declining prices all make […]


4 Simple Tips To Maximise Your Time When The Mrt Breaks Down

MRT breakdowns seem to have become a rather common phenomenon these days, the latest being the blackout along 4 MRT stations on the North-east line on 13 October. As a commuter, there’s really little we can do except to practice […]

Happy young woman sitting on sofa in cosy cloths with cup of coffee

Is Airbnb A Good Way To Monetise Your Property In Singapore?

Other than renting out your condominiums or HDB for longer term rentals, the new sharing economy has also opened another option: Airbnb. If you haven’t heard, Airbnb is a service where property owners can list their vacant rooms or property […]


Costly Weddings In Singapore – Should You Consider A Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is getting increasingly popular for couples in Singapore, especially since couples here typically spend a 5-figure sum on weddings. Recent news of the closure of an established bridal studio here further increased the anxiety for soon-to-be married couples, […]


Low Take Up Of Singapore Savings Bonds – Stocks Markets Prove More Lucrative?

Many Singaporeans were excited about the prospect of being able to invest in the Singapore Savings Bond – an investment product that is principal-guaranteed, provides great liquidity, offers step-up interest and comes with a low starting capital. In fact, the […]


Does The Lower Interest Rates For Licensed Moneylenders Entice You To Borrow? Read Through The Fine Prints First.

New rules for moneylenders kicked in on 1st October in Singapore. The enhanced controls seek to limit the borrowing costs for borrowers, offering them more protection by ensuring that they are not subjected to exorbitant interest rates and fees. A […]


Sg Haze – Tips To Enjoy And Maximise Your Time At Home

We know how you feel with this worsening haze, happening especially on a public holiday(Hari Raya Haji). Most of us would probably stay at home to avoid smelling like a BBQ outside. On a serious note, the PSI entered the […]


Singapore Property – Buy Now or Wait for the Price Drop?

Recent news have focused on the continual decline in Singapore property prices, raising concerns about the risk of a hard-landing for the Singapore property market. The worry was echoed by president of the Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore (Redas), […]

Asia businesswoman sneeze

Five Tips To Stretch Your Dollar When Seeing A Doctor

Feeling a little under the weather due to the haze? During the ‘haze season’, you might suffer from small ailments like runny nose, sore throat or eye inflammation. While these are little cause for alarm, the unabated PSI may mean […]


Stay Healthy While the Haze Invades Singapore

The detested haze is back upon us, and while there’s little we can do about it, we can put in a little effort to protect ourselves against its dangers. As of 13 September, the readings on shows the haze […]

Young Couple on Sofa

Can Renting Make More Sense Than Buying A Property?

Mention renting and you might get a myriad of questions being thrown in your face – unless you are a foreigner. In Singapore, most people stay with their parents until they get married; some even stay with their parents after they […]


General Election 2015 – Money Matters

The General Elections in Singapore will take place on 11 September, 2015. This year has got to be one of the most exciting ones – it is the first time since independence that every available seats will be contested in […]

Asian family lifestyle at home. Father playing with baby boy.

Mortgage Insurance – Is it necessary?

While there’s a lot of talk about buying health insurance or taking a mortgage loan, people seldom mention mortgage insurance. So what exactly is it? Will it help you and do you need it? Let’s find out. What is Mortgage […]


Raising The Income Ceiling For Public Housing – How Will It Affect Buyers?

At the recent National Day Rally, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced an increase in the income ceiling cap for buyers of public housing in Singapore. This is to ensure that more Singaporean households are eligible to buy HDB flats […]


Citibank Credit Cards – Just 3 Cards For All Your Credit Card Needs

Some people like to have credit cards from different banks so that they can take advantage of all the different perks each bank offers. For those who are more careful about their money or want convenience, they may prefer to […]


Rising SIBOR Rates – The FHR Mortgage Loan Might Be Your Best Choice For Now

With the recent rout in Asian currency markets, the Singapore dollar is not spared, especially after China de-valued the Yuan. While the Singapore dollar fell, the benchmark interest rates(SIBOR) rose to hit close to one percent, potentially increasing the cost […]

Couple fight with a woman screaming on a megaphone to a man, concept for real marriage life

The Money Conversation You Need To Have With Your Partner Before Getting Married

Getting married is a happy occasion, and many people(especially ladies!) spend lots of time planning for it. In Singapore, especially where wedding costs are typically in the 5-figure range, planning your wedding and taking care of the budget can literally […]

Senior woman and daughter. Happy Asian family senior mother and adult offspring having fun time at home.

Understanding MediShield Life, Integrated Shield plans & Rider policies to keep your healthcare costs affordable

If you haven’t been staying in a hole, you might have heard of the new Medishield Life plan that the Singapore government will roll out in November 2015. This is timely, given that healthcare costs might be one of Singaporeans’ […]


Why the Yuan Depreciation will put the SG Property Market to Further Doom

If you’ve subscribed to local news media on Facebook, you must have been inundated by the number of posts about the Chinese Yuan depreciation in the last few days. So we get it that the Chinese economy is huge, and […]


5 Jobs To Make Self-Employment a Reality

Raise your hands if you woke up today and felt sad that the Jubilee weekend was over! As Singaporeans here cheer the government for the generous gesture of granting one extra day of public holiday this Jubilee Weekend, we also […]


Save more with Improved Features from POSB Everyday Card

The POSB Everyday Card is a great credit card that helps you to earn cash rebates on your daily expenditure, and its updated features will definitely be a delight to its existing customers! If you’ve applied for the card long […]


Practical Ways to Save Money on Food in Singapore

Is it just me or are food prices increasing by the day? A cup of local coffee costs more than $1.50 on average and it’s difficult to get a decent meal for $3 even in a hawker centre. Costs are […]


The one guide you need for celebrating SG50

The Jubilee Weekend is finally just a week away, isn’t everyone excited over the extended long weekend and all that festivities going on in our young nation? In our all-in guide, look out for not only the best spots to […]


Is the Singapore Savings Bond really better than Fixed Deposit?

Since the Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS) announced that the first Singapore Savings Bond(SSB) will be issued in October this year, there has been a considerable buzz in the social media about this ‘dream’ investment product. An investment product that is […]

Businessman writing Insurance concept on screen

How to Choose a Great Financial Advisor

There are lots of websites these days providing comparison on financial products such as insurance and credit cards. Specifically, the recently launched CompareFirst Website that allows individuals to compare life insurance policy has drawn some attention. Does that mean Financial […]

Office business woman calculating with calculator and pencil

Choosing between Term & Life Insurance

Many of you may have heard of the terms life insurance and term insurance; but do you know the difference? As with all things, each of them has its own benefits, but you will have to first start with your […]


Fun & Cheap Ideas to Enjoy a Long Weekend

Are you one of those smart employees who save your holidays to be used over long weekends? With a number of long weekends coming up this year and next, how are you planning to utilise them? It doesn’t have to […]


Reasons to Use Credit Cards over Cash

There may be hundreds of reasons why the notion “Cash is King” still holds true, but in this digital age of thriving e-commerce, there can be lots of benefits to using credit cards as well. If you are tempted by […]

loan application in business folder showing financial investment concept

Things to Consider before taking a Personal Loan

There are times where you need short term cash to make your cashflow more manageable, such as settling a huge medical bill, paying off your wedding banquet or perhaps to buy a set of furniture for your new home. In […]