It’s Mooncake Season – Mooncake Discounts With Your Favourite Credit Cards

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Image Credits: Fullerton Hotel

Singaporeans love the mid-autumn festival, mainly because we get to feast on this once-a-year delicacy call mooncakes. But these delicate pastries have been becoming more and more expensive each year, thanks to the clever use of premium ingredients like D24 durians and even champagne!

But any Kiasu Singaporeans also know that you can snag these lovely sweets at a hugely discounted price if you get them early – which is NOW. We are just about a month away from the Mid-Autumn festival in October, but heck, there’s no time better time than the present to satisfy that indulgence or give an early gift right? So here’s Moneyline bringing you a whole list of what’s new in the mooncake scene this year and the discounts you enjoy when you use the right credit card.

  • Goodwood Park

Oh we all love their annual durian buffet and of course, durian lovers will certainly find their D24 snowskin mooncakes appealing! There are 4 types of delightful snowskin mooncake flavours, including durian, Cempedak, Mango pomelo and the new prickly pear with bergamot flavour. Of course, the hotel also produces the good old favourites of baked mooncakes and even those traditional piglet biscuits!

Credit cards discounts: 15% off mooncakes purchased at the Deli in Goodwood Park Hotel for Citibank, POSB/DBS, UOB and OCBC card members.

  • Mandarin Oriental

If you find yourself going for that sweet Lychee Martini everytime you’re out for a drink, then you really need to get your hands on their Lychee Martini and chocolate truffle mini snowskin mooncakes! Other notable flavours include the new custard paste, rose petals and chestnut snowskin mooncake, passionfruit paste and pistachio, as well as the osmanthus and walnut. Traditional mooncakes lover should also try out their new pandan with dried cherries and pistachio and tell us if it’s worth the calories!

Credit cards discounts: 15% discount with HSBC cards till Oct 4 2017

  • Raffles Hotel

To celebrate their 130th anniversary, the hotel has launched a new strawberry yogurt and crunchy white chocolate pearl snow skin mooncake. We don’t know about you but just that name has gotten us salivating. Sounds almost like a healthy treat! Of course, we are not forgetting their signature snow skin originals like the Champagne Truffle and Ganache snow-skin mooncake, Raffles Cognac Truffle, dark chocolate crunchy pearl and Earl Grey Tea and Chocolate Pearl Truffle.

Snow-Skin Earl Grey Tea and Chocolate Pearl Truffle Mooncake

Snow-Skin Earl Grey Tea and Chocolate Pearl Truffle Mooncake

Image Credits: Raffles Hotel

Credit cards discounts: 20% off online mooncake purchase for Standard Chartered, POSB/DBS, UOB and OCBC card members.

  • Mandarin Orchard

Highlights of Mandarin Orchard’s Mooncake selection this year come from its use of high quality ingredients sourced from Japan – Purple potato, Chestnut, Matcha Red Bean and White Kidney Beans – for its baked mooncakes. For the snowskin mooncakes, delectable flavours include the red wine cranberry paste with Japanese Yuzu and lemongrass, as well as Lychee Martini and Chocolate.

Credit cards discounts: 25% off for DBS card members till Sept 11, and 20% off for UOB/Maybank/Stanchart/ BOC/Citibank/OCBC Card members. Credit card discounts are only applicable at Level 1, Hotel’s Festive Counter.

  • Pan Pacific Hotel

Still prefer the good old traditional baked mooncake? Well, then you should probably check out Hai Tien Lo’s baked mooncake collection. They only specialise in baked mooncakes but that doesn’t mean the collection is boring! A number of new flavours this year include Purple Sweet Potato with white lotus seed paste, mixed nuts with chicken ham, pandan paste with single yolk and caramel with white lotus seed paste.

What’s more, the restaurant is offering a special Mid-Autumn Reunion Set menu at $128 per guest with a minimum of 2 diners, plus you get a complimentary box of Traditional Four Treasures Baked Mooncakes.

Credit cards discounts: 20% off all mooncake and Mid-Autumn Reunion Set Menu from 7 August to 24 September 2017 for HSBC/DBS/POSB Cardmembers.

  • Fullerton Hotel

In Singapore this year, there seems to be a trend of infusing local favourites into various forms, like Macdonald’s Nasi Lemak burger. So if you love local cuisine, you’d be delighted by Fullerton Hotel’s quirky mooncake flavours! Taking centre-stage this year is their new Kopi with salted Hokkaido Milk Snow Skin Mooncake, Pandan with coconut baked mooncake, salted Taro with Peanut butter and the Tangerine Lemon and Pistachio Snow Skin. What’s more, their golden custard mini mooncakes are back as well!

Early Bird Discounts: Order before 6 September to get 15% off snowskin mooncakes and 20% off select baked mooncakes.

  • Holiday Inn Xin Cuisine

Since the recent news that Singapore is grappling with a huge diabetes problem, we definitely welcome some low-sugar treats from Xin Cuisine. This year, they’ve unveiled 2 low sugar snowskin flavours for a healthier treat – low sugar red lotus seed paste with peanut praline and the low sugar white lotus seed paste with banana apricot praline.

Of course, you can’t miss out their every popular Peranakan Durian Snowskin mooncake and their best-selling Signature mini egg custard mooncake.

Credit Card Discounts: 25% off all mooncakes and 15% off for Peranakan Durian (Large) mooncake for DBS/POSB card holders.

  • Four Seasons
Bird Nest with Custard mooncake

Bird Nest with Custard Mooncake

Image Credits: Four Seasons Hotel

We’ve always loved their Mao Shan Wang durian mini snowskin, but there are so many other goodies from Four Seasons you shouldn’t miss out. This year’s limited edition creations include the Bird Nest with Custard mooncake, and Smoked Duck with Assorted Nuts and Lime mooncake, inspired by Jiang-Nan Chun’s signature Peking Duck.

Credit Card Discounts: 15% off all mooncake orders for DBS and OCBC credit cards until 4 Oct 2017.

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