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Compare and Get the Cheapest Mortgage Reducing Term Insurance in Singapore

Protect your Home Mortgage Liabilities with a Mortgage Insurance. Similar to a Term Insurance, the Mortgage Reducing Term Insurance provides Death, Disability and Illness coverage to the life assured, except the coverage will reduce over time. Premiums are usually cheaper than Level Term

– We compare major insurers head to head including – aia aviva axa great-estern manulife ntuc prudential tokio-marine


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Insurer Features Annual Premium Apply
NTUC Mortgage Protection Plan
  • Premium payment for 3/4 of policy term
  • Smoker does not affect premium
  • Choice of 5 to 35 years of coverage
$2,741.35 Get Quotes
AXA Decreasing Term Assurance
  • Pays 3 years less than policy term
  • Opt for single or joint life coverage
  • Single or regular premium payment option
$4,085.00 Get Quotes
Aviva MyProtector Decreasing
  • Pay 2 years less than your policy term
  • Opt for single or joint life coverage
  • Flexible and affordable premium
  • Customize your tenure and sum assured for riders
$2,625.00 Get Quotes
TM Mortgage Protection
  • Pay 3 years less than policy term
  • Coverage of 10-30 years
  • Opt for single or joint life coverage
$3,235.50 Get Quotes
ManuProtect Decreasing
  • Fixed premiums during the premium payment term.
  • Enjoy 4% discount for joint lives
$2,635.00 Get Quotes