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5 Types Of Startups That Make Our Lives More Convenient

Since the startup revolution, we’ve seen quite a number of new services “disrupt” the traditional way we do things, and some of these services have actually helped many of us save time and money, making life more convenient on a […]


How To Deal With A Mooching(Freeloader) Friend

Tis’ the season for family and friends to gather, making merry with Christmas dinners, New Year gatherings and social meals. While all of us revel in the festive season and are in a mood for generosity, we can’t help but […]

Asian woman holding a credit card, focus on the card. Card number and expiry date created by my own.

3 Rules For Choosing Your Perfect Credit Card

If you find yourself tempted to sign up for a new credit card each time you walk past a roadshow , you need a strategy. The credit card scene is crowded in Singapore and there are literally dozens of cards […]


Best Credit Cards for the Christmas Season

The festive season is here again and it’s the time of the year where some of us tend to splurge on gifts and feast! Christmas marks the time for gifting, and with shopping online so prevalent these days, you don’t […]


Think Budget Airline Is The Best Way To Fly? Beware Of Sneaky Fees!

We are closing in on November, which means the school holidays are coming soon. Many parents plan to take their children overseas during the year end holiday. If you are a family of four, buying just the air tickets can […]


Citibank Credit Cards – Just 3 Cards For All Your Credit Card Needs

Some people like to have credit cards from different banks so that they can take advantage of all the different perks each bank offers. For those who are more careful about their money or want convenience, they may prefer to […]


Practical Ways to Save Money on Food in Singapore

Is it just me or are food prices increasing by the day? A cup of local coffee costs more than $1.50 on average and it’s difficult to get a decent meal for $3 even in a hawker centre. Costs are […]


Reasons to Use Credit Cards over Cash

There may be hundreds of reasons why the notion “Cash is King” still holds true, but in this digital age of thriving e-commerce, there can be lots of benefits to using credit cards as well. If you are tempted by […]