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Diabetes – Singapore’s Silent Killer

As we celebrate the nation’s 52 birthday this month, PM Lee highlighted 3 important and urgent issues Singapore has to grapple with, one of which is the nation’s fight against diabetes. While we all know that Singapore has a rapidly […]


In This Age Of DIY Insurance, Is The Insurance Agent Still Relevant?

There has been a lot of shift in the personal finance industry in the last 2 years, specifically towards automation and robo-advisory. On the provider’s site, using technology can help cut costs on human resources as customers go online for […]


Here’s What You’re Missing In Your Family’s Insurance Needs

Did you always think that it is your own responsibility to take care of your own insurance needs? While our Medishield Life may provide some help, it is highly unlikely that we will have enough money to cover our medical […]

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Critical Illness Vs Early-Stage Critical Illness Insurance- Do You Need Both?

Do you know that the incidence of cancer in Singapore has risen sharply in recent years? Every day, about 36 people are told that they have cancer. But the good news is that the survival rate has been increasing as […]

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Here Is Why You Need A Critical Illness Insurance

Our worst nightmare when it comes to insurance claims might be the day where we are diagnosed with a critical illness(that requires a huge financial outlay) and to realise that we are not able to proceed with any claims because […]