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Understanding the Bonus & Benefits of Life Insurance

Recently, a Facebook post of a daughter of a deceased 92-year-old woman went viral due to her difficulties in claiming the insurance benefits from AIA. In her post, she shared that her mother had bought 3 policies from AIA and […]

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How Much Should I Spend On Insurance Per Month?

Most Singaporeans are aware that simply relying on their Medishield life plan to fully cover their insurance needs is not enough. This is why many people take on private insurance policies as well. If you are thinking of getting some […]

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4 Costly Insurance Misconceptions You Should Avoid

Many of us may agree that insurance is a necessity in our lives to protect us against unfortunate incidents in our lives – sickness, accidents and death. But because it is not a product or concept that we learn in […]


In This Age Of DIY Insurance, Is The Insurance Agent Still Relevant?

There has been a lot of shift in the personal finance industry in the last 2 years, specifically towards automation and robo-advisory. On the provider’s site, using technology can help cut costs on human resources as customers go online for […]


5 Ways to Make The Most Of Your Insurance Policies

Most of us in Singapore know the importance of getting personal insurance in order to give us additional coverage on top of what we have from our CPF. Many of us also end up taking up insurance policies and not remembering […]

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Am I Wasting My Money By Buying Insurance? – A Matter Of Perspective

When you buy things at a sale, are you wasting money or saving money? This is an apt example of putting your insurance expenses into perspective. While some may argue that buying what’s necessary at a sale is saving money, […]

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Direct Purchase Insurance VS Insurance Agent

Since April 2015, the Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS) has launched their Direct Purchase Insurance(DPI) initiative called CompareFIRST, allowing consumers to compare and buy basic life insurance products on a portal instead of going through and insurance agent. While it is […]


5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Insurance Agent Before Signing Anything

Most Singaporeans agree that getting insurance is much needed as our CPF only provide us with a very basic amount of coverage. Yet, we often view the insurance industry and agents with a kind of apprehension, partly because of the […]

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Does The Elderly In Singapore Need Insurance?

As most of us grow older, we start to realise the importance of insurance as we face more health issues in our lives. Or perhaps, you have started on your own family and are considering the retirement and health care […]

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Determine Your Life Insurance Coverage With Our New Life Insurance Calculator

Many of us here in Singapore understand that healthcare can be expensive here, and our Medishield Life may not be entirely adequate in giving us a comprehensive insurance coverage. In fact. The Medishield Life is a basic insurance, and on […]

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Think Your Life Insurance Cover Disability Claims? You Might Be Surprised

There are mainly two reasons for us to buy life insurance for protection – to ensure our dependents will have some income upon the unfortunate death of the policy holder, as well as to provide income should we become unable […]

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Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Life Insurance in Singapore

When it comes to the topic of insurance in Singapore, we tend to get a couple of stock response. Some feel that insurance providers and agents are “people out to cheat consumers’ money”, others find it too complicated a topic […]

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7 Deadly Sins of Health Insurance

So we all know that taking up health insurance is essential in Singapore, given the high medical costs involved. So you thought you’ve got yourself covered when you signed up for one. If that’s the case, why are there stories […]

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15 Insurance Terms Everyone Should Know

Do you sometimes find it hard to understand the various terms and jargons in your insurance policies? Here at Moneyline, we’ve made it easy for you to understand some of these commonly used terms in insurance policies with this handy […]

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Insurance Needs For Different Life Stages

It’s a difficult task to determine which type of insurance is the “right” type for us. There seems to be a never-ending amount of insurance needs that one can have and most people might be afraid to miss out on […]


With The New Medishield Life, Do I Still Need An Integrated Shield Policy?

The new Medishield Life Plan officially replaced the Medishield to provide basic health insurance coverage for Singaporeans and PRs on November 1, 2015. The new plan promised a wider insurance coverage such as higher claim limits and lifetime coverage so […]

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Choosing between Term & Life Insurance

Many of you may have heard of the terms life insurance and term insurance; but do you know the difference? As with all things, each of them has its own benefits, but you will have to first start with your […]