How To Save Money Living In The Most Expensive City In The World

You must have already heard that Singapore’s the most expensive city to live in the world. We’ve topped the charts for many things, and I’m not sure we’re proud that we’re first on the list for the world’s priciest city […]


5 Ways Couples Can Manage Their Finances Successfully Together

Don’t we all hate to discuss money with our loved ones? Yet, money is such a prevalent part of life, and any couple, especially married ones, will need to face money issues together in order to life peacefully and happily […]

Receipts in paper nail with businessman working on background

8 Apps That Help You Digitalise Your Expenses

Managing your personal finances doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. Forget the traditional way of tracking your finances with its accompanying documents, receipts and headaches. With the help of technology, you might not even need to do manual data-entry […]


General Election 2015 – Money Matters

The General Elections in Singapore will take place on 11 September, 2015. This year has got to be one of the most exciting ones – it is the first time since independence that every available seats will be contested in […]

Couple fight with a woman screaming on a megaphone to a man, concept for real marriage life

The Money Conversation You Need To Have With Your Partner Before Getting Married

Getting married is a happy occasion, and many people(especially ladies!) spend lots of time planning for it. In Singapore, especially where wedding costs are typically in the 5-figure range, planning your wedding and taking care of the budget can literally […]