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How to book a Cheaper Year-end Holiday

We are approaching the year-end and the school holidays are coming up in a month’s time. Have you booked your year-end holidays yet? If you haven’t better start searching and booking now to prevent the price increase! What’s more, most […]

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8 Money Saving Hacks for Chinese New Year

Many of us tend to spend a lot of money during Chinese New year – after all, it’s one of the biggest celebrations of the year for Chinese in Singapore and a great time to be generous with our most […]


Sg Haze – Tips To Enjoy And Maximise Your Time At Home

We know how you feel with this worsening haze, happening especially on a public holiday(Hari Raya Haji). Most of us would probably stay at home to avoid smelling like a BBQ outside. On a serious note, the PSI entered the […]

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Five Tips To Stretch Your Dollar When Seeing A Doctor

Feeling a little under the weather due to the haze? During the ‘haze season’, you might suffer from small ailments like runny nose, sore throat or eye inflammation. While these are little cause for alarm, the unabated PSI may mean […]


Practical Ways to Save Money on Food in Singapore

Is it just me or are food prices increasing by the day? A cup of local coffee costs more than $1.50 on average and it’s difficult to get a decent meal for $3 even in a hawker centre. Costs are […]


10 Things You Need To Know Before You Hit 30s

Legend has it that the more money you make, the better you are able to position your life. Although some say it’s not money that matters the most but how you view life and the goals you set that matters. […]