Everything To Know About May 2019 BTO Projects

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May 2019 BTO

Singapore HDB and New BTO Projects

Everything To Know About May 2019 BTO Projects

Buying an HDB BTO is the first step towards adulthood for many Singaporeans. But the experience of buying your first BTO can not only be daunting, but it can also be stressful. What if you choose the wrong project to ballot for? This is not helped by the limited (read: Four times a year) chances of getting a good BTO. That’s why many couples end up spending hours to research upcoming May 2019 BTO projects to make sure they make the best available decision.

Everything To Know About May 2019 BTO Projects

So, if you are eyeing any project in the upcoming May 2019 BTO, here are some pre-done research done by the Moneyline team to help you figure out your best choice.

  1. Tengah May 2019 BTO
The Good: Epitome Of The Future Of Living
May 2019 BTO

eco friendly neighbourhood

Some say that the new Tengah estate is like the Bishan of the West. But there’s more to just being one of the newest and biggest estates in Singapore. One of the key features of the Tengah estate is the greenery. Living in Tengah will just be like living in a rich forest habitat with convenience. Besides the natural greenery, there are also plans for community gardening and urban farming.

For the tech-savvy young generation, staying in Tengah is akin to getting a glimpse to how public housing will develop in Singapore in the near future. Tengah estate will be a smart HDB town in the making that leverages on data analytics and real-time information to enhance livability. If you are a true fan of technology, you will be proud to call the coolest HDB in town as your home.

The Not-So-Good: Public Transport Network Still Under Construction

A lot of the hype surrounding Tengah estate is built on the promise of cooler and better future. Sometimes, that promise can be so overhyped that you might fall into the ‘expectations vs reality’ syndrome. Furthermore, the transportation network is still in the midst of construction. For a town that is going big on public transport, the lack of transportation options in the early years will be a pain for you.

Besides that, Tengah is located far from the central region. Unless you work in the future Jurong Innovation District, travel time might be a problem for you.

  1. Kallang/Whampoa May 2019 BTO

may 2019 bto

The Good: Location, Location, Location

If you are looking for a central location at a decent price, this project in Kallang/Whampoa estate will be your ideal choice. With the plot located just beside the Boon Keng MRT station, you are just 20 minutes away from the CBD by public transport. It is a pretty central location, if you ask us.

If you are a foodie, then you will also fall in love with this plot. There are plenty of food places in the vicinity with Bendemeer Market & Food Centre within walking distance. You can also take a stroll down to Farrer Park if you prefer a fancier dinner at one of the restaurants in City Square Mall.

The Not-So-Good: Lack Of School Options For Kids

One of the drawbacks of choosing this plot for your future home is that it isn’t kids friendly. If you take a close look at the area, you will realize that there aren’t many schools nearby. If you are planning for a child within the next few years, you might want to take this into consideration.

  1. Woodlands May 2019 BTO

May 2019 woodlands bto

The Good: Kids And Elderly Friendly

In contrast to the Kallang/Whampoa BTO project, this project in Woodlands is definitely one for the kids. This plot is located right in the middle of multiple schools, from Innova Primary School to Christ Church Secondary School to the Singapore Sports School. With the future Woodlands Health Campus located within walking distance, it is also very suited for couples who are looking to stay with your elderly parents.

The Not-So-Good: The Only Place It Is Near Is Malaysia

For some of us, staying in Woodlands is almost like staying in Malaysia. The only difference is that you don’t have to go through the immigration custom every day. Even with the upcoming Thomson East Coast Line, it will still take you close to an hour to step foot in the CBD. (On a side note, this also means that it is much easier for you to take a quick trip to Johor Bahru to replenish your daily supplies at a fraction of Singapore’s prices.)

Tip: Choice Of BTO Matters, But So Do Choice Of Home Loan

Buying a home is not just about the choice of your home. While the choice of BTO is crucial, the choice you make when choosing a home loan is also very important. The wrong home loan choice can lead to unnecessary interest rate payment that could have been better spent on your home (e.g. renovating your dream living space). Choose your home wisely, but also make sure you choose your home loan wisely.

Need help comparing home loans? See what Moneyline’s home loan comparison tool can do for you here.

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