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    How to Nail Your New Job Like A Pro

    BY Eugene - June 11, 2014

    You are born in the late 80s and early 90s, freshly out of school or army after spending a quarter of your life mugging hard to get that ticket to enter the society. You are filled with ambition and excitement […]

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    Starting a Job: Below Age 25

    BY Eugene - May 26, 2014

    The pay, allowances and entitlements you get when you work will depend on what your job is how you’re being employed as. Starting a job is exciting, but you need to know your rights and responsibilities. Know your rights and […]

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    7 Things your banker isn’t telling you

    BY Eugene - May 14, 2014

    Do we trust retail bankers more than insurance agents?  Most people would agree unanimously and feel more comfortable with the ones behind the desk as compared to an insurance agent even though both are selling similar products. The topic goes […]

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    7 Ways to Lighten Your Financial Commitments in Singapore

    BY Eugene - April 28, 2014

    ” The more you know, the more confidence you gain. ” – Li Ka Shing We all live in a society where money form the key to our lives. We Singaporeans often grumble on the cost of living here and […]

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    Income Protection

    BY Eugene - April 18, 2014

    Income protection An income safety net Could you support your family if you were injured and needed to take several months or even years off work? Income protection insurance, or known as disability income insurance, can help you manage your […]

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    Pros and Cons of Property investments

    BY Eugene - March 30, 2014

    Pros and cons of property investment The benefits: Property can be less volatile than shares or other investments You may earn rental income and benefit from capital growth If you take out a loan to purchase an investment property the […]

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    Identifying Investment Scams

    BY Eugene - March 23, 2014

    Identifying Investment Scams An email or phone call out of the blue offering you a onetime investment opportunity could be a turning point in your life. If you say yes to the deal and it is a scam, you could […]

  • Securing Your Retirement Income in Singapore

    BY Eugene - March 16, 2014

    Securing Your Retirement Income in Singapore It is never too late or too early to plan for retirement in Singapore, If you’re retiring soon, you need to make some big decisions about how to turn your whole life savings or […]

  • Saving_Account

    8 Ways to Save More Money

    BY Eugene - February 21, 2014

    8 Ways to Save More Money The skills of saving money doesn’t come naturally to everyone. There are, however, abundance of uncomplicated ways to make considerable savings on your regular spending that could clear your debt or make yourself richer […]

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    The Most Practical Way to Achieve Financial Freedom

    BY Eugene - January 25, 2014

    No one is certain in life that they can achieve Financial Freedom. Given the unpredictability of one’s health and his/her career, the risk of falling into debts is always there, no matter how disciplined you are. This is real but […]

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    5 Reasons why you should refinance your property

    BY Eugene - January 21, 2014

    5 Reasons why you should refinance your property Refinancing may help you save tens of thousands of dollars by restructuring your debt for lower interest rates for a consistent number of years. Refinancing is a financial strategy to be used […]

  • A_Basic_Guide_to_Buying_a-_Used_car

    5 Reasons Why Getting a Car Can be a Good Investment

    BY Eugene - January 15, 2014

    To claim that anything that depreciates in value after use and time are good investments is either throwing conventional wisdom aside or simply bad advice. Firstly, cars have steep depreciative value, and in Singapore, the piece of legal paper to […]

  • What to look for in a Credit Card

    BY Eugene - January 7, 2014

    What to look for in a Credit Card and not risk becoming a card hoarder Basically what most people will look for in a credit card is one that they do not need to pay any annual fees. But as […]

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    7 Ways To Cut Costs For Your Wedding

    BY Eugene - January 4, 2014

    7 Ways To Cut Costs For Your Wedding The truth is that weddings are expensive. Here are some ways to cut costs for your big day.  The Timeline Work backwards. After you have a date set on the day you […]

  • BPA_in_cash

    How to spot trading opportunities in FOREX

    BY Eugene - December 29, 2013

    When buying stocks and bonds, the goal is to profit from dividend and interest income and appreciation in value. In the forex market you buy or sell currencies which are traded in pairs, with the goal of trying to profit […]