How to book a Cheaper Year-end Holiday

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We are approaching the year-end and the school holidays are coming up in a month’s time. Have you booked your year-end holidays yet? If you haven’t better start searching and booking now to prevent the price increase! What’s more, most people typically plan their year-end holidays with their family, which means you are probably more cost-conscious, making every cent of savings count. So here are some tips and tricks to bag yourself a better holiday deal!

  • Compare for better prices

It’s no secret that you should check across different airlines to look for the most competitive air ticket price. But instead of tediously looking at each airline individually, make use of a comparison site like Skyscanner to help you find the cheapest ticket.
It also helps if your travel dates are flexible so that you can choose a cheaper ticket. Travelling on weekdays not only get you cheaper air tickets, you are likely to save a bit more on your hotel bookings since weekdays are considered off-peak seasons.

  • Choose an off-peak destination

Countries in Europe typically sees its peak season during the summer months of July-August, so you’ll find that hotel rates and air fares are quite expensive during this period. Not only that, you’ll end up facing lots of tourist crowd at famous landmarks. For this year end, why not consider countries that are off their peak season in November/December? Some of these include Europe(but not during Christmas!) like Venice, Zermatt, UK and Iceland. Nearer countries include Cambodia, Bali, India.
Do note that these places are off-peak for a reason, typically due to weather. While you may enjoy the winter cold in Europe, you may meet with rainy seasons in some of the Asian countries.

  • Deals on Travel Portals

Another way to score better prices is to look out for package deals or promotions. Check out websites like Tripzilla where it features some deals aggregated from various travel agencies, travel fairs and airlines.
If you are looking to travel to countries nearby that you are familiar with, you might also try out some new experiences instead of doing the same old stuff and visiting the same places you’ve previously been. Take a look at Klook, an online concierge for deals on unique travel experiences, tours, attraction tickets and more. So for instance, you might have gone to Thailand for more than 10 times in your life, you might have never gone on a winery tour there(yes they have vineyards!) or taken a river cruise. You can check out the current promotion they have here and save $100 off your Thailand holiday experiences.

  • Agoda Discounts

It’s become rather common these days to go to a hotel booking portal to book your hotels. I love the fact that I can put in all my criteria/filters and narrow down my choices. Two such portals that I use frequently are Agoda and While I previously preferred for its free cancellation, Agoda has mostly caught on and provide this option for many of its hotels as well. What’s more, Agoda has got a number of credit card tie-ups which offer extra discounts! Some of the ongoing promotions with Agoda includes:
Maybank Credit Cards – 8% off hotels in Japan and South Korea for booking in October
DBS Credit Cards – 10% off hotels in Hong Kong, Korea, Macau and Thailand for booking before 14 Nov 2017. You get 6% discount for hotels anywhere else in the world.
UOB Credit Cards – 8% off hotels in Australia and South Korea for bookings in October and 6% off for other countries.

  • Last minute deals

If you are one of those who doesn’t like to book your holidays till the last minute due to your ever-changing schedule, here’s some good news for you. Check out some of these websites for their last minute deals, which may score you something you like at a cheaper price as well! has a page featuring last minute deals on hotels and Expedia features a page of last-minute flight when you fly on the week- perfect for the spontaneous traveller!

One of the best ways to ensure you get the latest updates on discounts and deals is to subscribe to the email newsletters of the airlines/websites that you use often. The difference in price can be huge, especially if you plan to travel during peak periods. So remember to book your year-end holidays early, and subscribe to our site if you want to get updated on the latest products and updates on financial news!

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